Gregorian Chants, also known as “plainchant”, are part of the musical heritage of the Catholic Church. They are sacred songs set to one melody (monophonic) and not accompanied by musical instruments (a cappella). Some chants date back hundreds of years, with some more than a thousand years old.

To revive this tradition and to reacquaint parishioners and visitors to the Cathedral three years ago a small group started to sing Gregorian Chants at the NightFever event organised at the Cathedral several times throughout the year. The Gregorian Choir has a female and a male section rehearsing separately. The women on Mondays and the men on Tuesdays. Choir practice in both cases starts at 6pm and lasts for 60 minutes. New singers are always welcome. All materials are provided. 

Interested parties can contact the choir leaders via email. 

Female section:

Male section: