At St Marie’s Cathedral:
12.30 pm Mass offered by Bishop Ralph

13.45 pm Rosary Devotions in church

We live in times of unprecedented global upheaval with millions of peoples being displaced. The suffering of peoples is everywhere.

How are we all to respond with both generosity and compassion? The contemporary culture seems to be devoid of hope and our initiative seeks through prayer to awaken HOPE.

The religious response of people of Faith is to turn to Jesus and to appeal to Our Lady as Queen of Peace, who witnessed the most terrible of evil of all at Calvary and whose silent sacrifice, in union with Her Son’s, saw that same evil defeated and lasting grace inaugurated. It is the Lord’s triumph over death, which transforms the hopelessness of the tomb into the joy of Easter Resurrection.  With Christ at the heart of our lives we can dare to HOPE for change!

Are we prepared to stand at the foot of the Cross-of the Calvary of our time and in fervent prayer, plead for the Mercy of God to descend and for the precious blood of Jesus to cleanse us and make way for the healing and purifying rays of Divine Mercy to envelop us all and prepare the way for God’s reign of blessing and peace throughout the world?

Come Pray With Us

Sunday 29th of April 2018, 12.30 pm St Marie’s Cathedral Sheffield