We are very pleased to report that, in spite of the summer holidays, we have been making steady progress with raising money for the organ restoration fund.

The total raised so far is just over £9,800 which is a significant start towards the £38,000 we need to raise, for our contribution, to the restoration work of the Victorian organ, which is currently underway.  If you have the chance you will be able to see the progress the organ builders are making with the reinstallation of the organ on the sanctuary.

Several fundraising events have taken place recently and more are planned, last weekend there were two concerts and this Saturday we held the latest of our table top sales.  All of these were enjoyed by those who supported then and they raised very useful amounts for the fund.  We will keep you informed of upcoming events through the bulletin and the noticeboard so please try and support these if you can.  The next event is a social evening to be held in the Houlden Hall on 7th October starting at 5.30 – we hope this will appeal to those with young children or others who don’t like to be out too late.  Tickets for this are now available.  Please come if you can, the more people support it, the more fun it will be (and the more money it will raise).

There are envelopes available for those who would like to give a direct donation.  If you are a UK taxpayer and are able to gift aid your donation this increases your gift by 25% at no extra cost to you.  We are about to claim the gift aid on donations received to date and anticipate that we will be able  to claim at least £1,500 – a very useful addition to the fund.

Thank you very much for your support and generosity so far.  Please continue to do as much as you can, because together we are sure we can reach our target.

Organ photos by Bob Rae. 

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