Once again I am here with the latest news on the fundraising for, and the work towards, the restoration of the Lewis pipe organ. Work is now well underway and the workmen are on site preparing for the re installation of the organ to its former site on the sanctuary. We are very grateful and pleased that, since the last appeal, the restoration fund has grown by more than £850. The total raised so far is now in excess of £3,300.

Many of these donations have been gift aided so we should be able to reclaim approx. £700 from the tax paid on these donations, bringing the total to around £4000. This is more than 10% of the £38,000 we need to raise towards the £200,000 total cost of the work, an achievement in such a short period of time.

We have several fundraising activities planned and we need your support to make them a success. Next Friday evening, on the16th June there is a quiz night, with cheese and wine, in the Houlden Hall. This should be an enjoyable and entertaining evening as well as raising some money towards the fund. Come along if you can, tickets for this event are available after mass. The next table top sale will be on Saturday 1st July in the Houlden Hall. The first one was very successful, everyone had a good time and we raised more than £250 for the restoration fund. If you missed it come along to the next one and see if you can pick up a bargain. It’s a very good opportunity to declutter, see the noticeboard or bulletin for details if you would like to book a table. The more interest we get the better it will be. Information on future fundraising events will be on the noticeboard and in the bulletins so please get involved if you can. The Smartie challenge is still underway – how are you getting on with that? We have now received back several filled tubes so that is promising but there is still time to join in if you have missed out so far, either see us at the end of mass or contact the office at the Cathedral House. This challenge has the potential to raise £1000, a very useful contribution to our fund and it really is easy and almost unnoticeable to pop 20ps into the Smartie tube instead of back in your purse or pocket. If you have managed to fill yours already they can be returned to Cathedral house or put on any collection plate.

As you leave, as well as tickets for the quiz night, there will be an opportunity to make donations to this fund, if you are a UK taxpayer using the gift aid envelopes, that are available, will increase the value of your donation by 25% so we would ask you to do that if you can. Thank you once again for your generosity so far and thanks for listening.