• National Day of Prayer

    At St Marie’s Cathedral:
    12.30 pm Mass offered by Bishop Ralph

    13.45 pm Rosary Devotions in church (more…)

  • Service and Sacrifice, 27 Jan – 30 Apr 2018

    A new display to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War and to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the parishioners of St Marie’s.

    In 1920 Father Dolan re-built the High Altar as a memorial to those men of the parish of St Marie who had died fighting for their country in the Great War.  A bronze plaque commemorating the parishioners who died can also be seen by the Baptistery.

    “To the Glory of God and in honour of those of this parish who gave their lives in the Great War We for whom they died have built the high altar of this Church for the Peace of their souls and erected this tablet which records their names that they may be held in affectionate and perpetual memory”.

    This exhibition has been created by Isabel Hyde, Alastair Lewis, Molly Spawton and Tyler Wrenn from Sheffield University, with support from Martin Watts and Amy Baggaley.

    With thanks to;
    Deacon Bill Burleigh

    Images courtesy of;
     www.picturesheffield.com Archives and local studies library
    Imperial War Museum IWM film 1672, Q 4248, Q64438, PST 5277
    Yorkshire Film Archive
    New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
    Leicester Arts and Museums Service
    Sheffield Museums
    My Learning
    Master Cutlers Company
    Sheffield History

  • Organ Restoration Fund – December Update

    It’s been a while since we last updated you on the progress of the organ restoration fund. The work to restore and re-instate our Victorian Lewis pipe organ is making good progress and is nearing completion. (more…)

  • Organ Restoration Fund – September Update & Gallery

    We are very pleased to report that, in spite of the summer holidays, we have been making steady progress with raising money for the organ restoration fund.

    The total raised so far is just over £9,800 which is a significant start towards the £38,000 we need to raise, for our contribution, to the restoration work of the Victorian organ, which is currently underway.  If you have the chance you will be able to see the progress the organ builders are making with the reinstallation of the organ on the sanctuary. (more…)

  • Organ Restoration Fund – July Update

    A quick update on the progress of the organ restoration fund. So far we have raised just under £8,000 – this is quite an achievement in just 4 months and we are very grateful for your generosity so far. This is approximately 20% of the £38,000 we need, there is still a way to go.